Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back To School Brunch

Dena, a.k.a. Wonder Woman and her side-kick
Lovely Ladies Lunching
She was the first girl I noticed on our house hunting trip to Nor Cal. Sitting in the pew in front of me at church with her well-behaved, perfectly bronzed, looking like life-guard prodigy children. And she--she had the nerve to have golden skin, blonde hair and blue eyes... GREAT! I thought, exactly the combination that makes this dark haired, pale skin girl from a land-locked state feel insecure!!

That was two years ago and the picture perfect Cal-i-fornia girl is my friend. Dena makes me feel accepted and loved. But I'm not the only one that feels that way. Dena puts on a  PAR-TAY where everyone feels acknowledged, regarded and welcomed. She had a back to school brunch today and invited some of the "girls" from our church congregation. All of these women have inspired, taught and loved me these last two years.

 Diane D. oversees all of the needs of the women in our church congregation. She is a light to all of us.
 Deana J. welcomed me straight-away and impressed me with her ability to create beauty. She invited me to my very first Halloween dinner party. This girl can also PAR-TAY!!
 My very first phone call in our new home was from Pam I. She was hookin' me up with car-pools and friends for my kids...definitely an angel on earth.
And Marney M. is my lovely newly wed, new to California friend. And BTW- she ROCKS as a new step-mother to four children!