Friday, September 13, 2013

Who Are The People in Your Neighborhood?

This charming prince, sits watchful outside the entrance of our neighborhood library.

 Living in Northern California ROCKS! The weather is unquestionably beautiful, the people- exceptional and our neighborhood- simply delightful. These are some photos of people and places in MY neighborhood.
The Prince's Princess!
 Jennifer, the teen librarian and Joyce, the supervising librarian showing us the latest acquisition in our neighborhood library.
 Sisters Bassett and Schank are the sister missionaries in our neighborhood. These sister missionaries represent The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And BTW- if you see them wandering the streets of our neighborhood, looking famished, they LOVE crepes with Nutella.

Right- this beautiful structure is not really in my neighborhood. But, it is 32.5 miles from my neighborhood and it reminds me that "goodness will prevail." This is a sacred place of worship. The Oakland Temple sits majestically on the hill tops of Oakland, CA. It is owned and operated by The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Another photo of the temple, standing on Lincoln Avenue


 If you have wondered why Mormons build temples watch this video.

Another place of refuge in our neighborhood is Fire Station number six.

 Bob M. and Joel F. are two of our finest firemen.

Last year, seven of these fabulous firemen came to my aid when I shut my finger in the van door at the community center. I wasn't able to talk because I was honing all of my mental energy trying not to faint. The employees at the community center didn't know what had happened, they just saw blood dripping, hence the phone call to 911. Can you imagine seven of these Fab-O firemen looking down at you and all you can say is: "I hurt my finger". Do I hear a Halleluiah for our tax dollars hard at work?!!!

Who are the people in YOUR neighborhood, in your neighborhood in your Neigh-bor-hood?!