Monday, September 1, 2014

Not So Awful Waffle!

Actual waffle is larger than appears in photo. I ate the 1/4 that is missing!

 Natalie made these waffles last night. However, we were out of Nutella... Gasp! So, she wanted to do something to spruce up our waffle night. She found a blog containing creative waffle making. Natalie loved the tie-dye waffle idea. I protested at first because of the mess. I didn't want to deal with it. But Natalie was determined, so I acquiesced. When Natalie finished cooking her first waffle, she was upset that the tie-dye waffle didn't look like the picture on the blog she found. I told her that those pictures are photo-shopped to look nice. She said no, it was a home-made web site. I said, that's why I don't like blogs because they make people feel bad.

Whaaaat? I have a blog! And once in awhile I read other blogs. But here's the "thang":  I need to look at blogging for what it is--people sharing the goodness in their lives on an editable medium. Although, it is easy to loose perspective when I compare my novice skills next to someone that is editing their best tie-die waffle, raw food menu or family vacation.

So, I have this love/hate relationship with blogs---my blog, your blog, all blogs. Admittedly, I only post what I believe will be some what amusing. In addition, when I post a pictures of myself, I make sure it is the picture where my teeth look the whitest, my stomach is held in and my eyes are open wide.

My sister told me about this article where the author informs us how social media makes us lonely. And may I add inadequate. 
Although, blogs aren't as highly interactive as other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. I do feel lacking when I read/view a blog with a  immaculate whole foods dinner on the table next to well-behaved and sparkling children.

Therefore, I think I need to examine why I blog. I believe if I educate my desire in blogging, I will not be left feeling lonely, less-than or depressed instead of inspired. My goal is to blog because: 1. I want a family record/history that is approachable for me and others. 2. I do like trying my hand at writing. 3. I want to reach out to family, friends and others.

In the article mentioned above the author states: "Social networks appeal to our vanity and play to our vulnerability". Hopefully, if I keep my motive of blogging to writing, connecting with family and friends, and a brief family history, I won't fall prey to my insecurities...and YOU (readers out there in blog land)won't either!

Here's to imperfect and heavily edited blogging!!