Thursday, October 3, 2013

Star of the Week

Dear Mrs. O's ROCKIN’ Third Grade Class,

Sadie was born in Boise, ID. She is a real Idaho potato girl! However, at 10 months old she left her beloved Idaho potato fields for the mountains and snow of Provo, UT. 

In Provo, Sadie started growing things on top of her head! Not just the normal things a child may grow out of their head such as hair and the like, but Sadie grew Kitty ears, Bunny ears and one day even a pair of swim goggles appeared on top of her head!!

Sadie’s family was perplexed and couldn’t understand why on earth Sadie would start growing ears and goggles out of the top of her head. Was it because it was cold in Utah? Did she think we were cats? Did she have a hard time hearing and needed an extra pair of ears? What could it be?!

One time, during Christmas in Provo, when Sadie was about 4 or 5 years old, she opened a gift and it was a stuffed black kitty-cat with a red ribbon around its’ neck. Sadie named her new friend, Lexi. It wasn’t long after Lexi came to join our family, we noticed the kitty ears growing out of Sadie’s head!
In a different year and a different holiday, Easter to be exact; we noticed Sadie’s hair seemed to be growing longer and longer at a very quick rate. However, this quick hair growth didn’t follow the normal hair growth of a child. Instead of hair growing down her head, her hair was growing UP! And that’s when we noticed her hair wasn’t just hair-it was bunny ears!

Another time, it wasn’t Christmas or Easter or any other holiday, we were just out for a family hike. We were hiking Mt. Timpanogos in the Utah Mountains. We were excited to see the stalactites and stalagmites in the caves found at the top of Mt. Timpanogos. When we came out of the dark cave, Natalie, Sadie’s older sister shouted: “Look Mom! It’s happened again!” I looked over at Sadie and saw a pair of goggles right on top of her head! The goggles were a bit big for Sadie’s head so they kept slipping down over her eyes. Sadie walked down the mountain wearing swim goggles like they were sun-glasses!

After moving to Livermore, we reflected on the past years of the events that proceeded Sadie’s unusual ear and goggle growth. We remembered how Sadie was always asking for kitty everything, kitty pillow cases, kitty toys, kitty purses and one day she exclaimed: “I just LOVE kitties!” But that didn’t solve the ear/goggle mystery quite yet.  Several years before Sadie was in your third grade class, she would dress-up like a bunny. She would wear a bunny tail, hop around the house like a bunny and even wiggle her nose like a bunny. She even asked: “how do you spell bunnies?” “Oh, I just LOVE bunnies” Sadie would say as she hopped down the stair case.

I also remember Sadie exclaiming: “Come look at me mom, I’m a mermaid!” when ever she took a bath. I would find Sadie in the bath tub floating and smiling while trying to stay under water. This past summer, Sadie joined the Rhonewood swim team and after winning a trophy for the most improved swimmer, Sadie cheered, “I LOVE swimming!”

Sadie’s dad came to me the other day and said: “I think I know why Sadie has been growing kitty ears, bunny ears and goggles out of her head.” I pleaded, “Please tell me.” Sadie’s dad replied, “Whatever Sadie enjoys, adores or LOVES starts to grow out of her head!” “Oh no!” I replied. “Tonight, Sadie told me she LOVES to do cartwheels!”

Be on alert, Room 18!! Sadie LOVES donuts too!!

The End.