Monday, November 4, 2013


The last two weeks of October have been anything but chillin'-especially for the fabulous five in our household. The week of the 21st of October was Homecoming week at Sarah and Anna's high school. It is a new high school and they are small in numbers. Although, with a new energetic principal in place, the HS started Homecoming week traditions. Monday was dress-up fancy day. Anna decided to dress up as an aristocrat. Forget the ballroom dresses! Anna went with a top hat, ascot, and of course a mustache!!

At the end of the week, LVCP had a Homecoming dance. Anna isn't old enough to date. (Our kids have to wait until they are 16 to date.) So she went to the dance with friends. Sarah opted out of the dance and went to the homecoming football game the night before.
 Those dark curls and bold striped dress make this momma's heart proud!

The following week was Halloween. In all honesty, Halloween is not my favorite day. But the kids love Halloween and I love my kids so I just go with it. I do have to say, my kids are low maintenance when it comes to Halloween costumes. They are creative and their costumes are definitely their idea! This is Natalie, aka: "Bling Bling" The Rapper.

I know!! I can't stop smiling when I see this photo!

The softer side of our Rapper; Bling Bling


Max went as...what else- a MAD scientist! You can't see it, but Max has on his NASA shirt underneath his lab coat.

The Mad Scientist and his posse.

Sadie was Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz. Toto, Dorthy's dog, must be in the pillow case.

Anna and BFF Janna, went as "Camp Half-Bloods" from the Percy Jackson book series. Anna used her ninja iron-on skills and created the shirts.
Minion, Sarah joins the trick-or-treaters

Sarah made her own Steampunk glasses for her minion costume from shower curtain rings and a couple of pieces of elastic. P.S. If anyone is in need, we do have an excess of silver shower curtain rings!
A close-up of the creative work of Sarah

Score! Natalie was the first to make it back home with her treasures. Yep. Lucky for me too.

Today, I'm home writing this blog, with all of my kid's Halloween candy. Just chillin'!