Monday, July 14, 2014


Susan says: "short", Scott says: "long".
I say: "let's go", you say: "how long?"
"Po-TAY-toe, Pa-TAW-toe..."  You get the picture... "Mawage!"  

Recently, I've been thinking about "mawage" (marriage) and family. Partly, because Sarah will soon leave our nest, Scott just celebrated another birthday, and I have been talking with loved ones that are contemplating "mawage" and some are contemplating divorce.

Marriage can be hard, and there are times when divorce is the only way to remove a life/lives from various types of abuse. However, divorce should be the exception and not the default. I was 30 and Scott was 37 before we married. Although, we haven't admitted it...(until now--Scott is going kill me!) I believe there was something more to our waiting to tie the knot. We were scared. Scared that we might make a wrong choice or even make the right choice and then fall short of the expectations of the one we chose.

In hindsight, along with creating families, learning to forgive, extend mercy when we or the ones we love have fallen short is what marriage is all about and teaches and offers civilization. And that is HUGE; especially in our world of hearts turning cold.

I understand there are times when I have let Scott, my children and others down. And I have been disappointed by loved ones as well. But there is an experience I draw on when I am tempted to hold a grudge and not forgive. Several years ago, there was a person that said some pretty hurtful things to me. I resolved not to forgive this person and just go on with my life...but just as soon as I had this thought, I felt these words;: "I have forgiven you, you need to forgive."

I truly believe that although marriage is not a institution for perfect people, marriage is a divine institution.

I have been exposed to the blossoms of Godly traits in Scott, my children, others and even in myself  while engaged in this adventure we call "mawage".

On our way to Muir Woods. Crossing the Golden Gate Bride, July 4th 2014

Massive Redwoods in Muir Woods, CA

Our family tree, minus our Anna

Sarah and Natalie

Happy Birthday, Daddi-O