Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cowpoke Cafe vs. The Griddle

Over the Thanksgiving break, we took our first road trip from Nor Cal to Boise, ID. (I know, I know- can you say: Holy Sciatica?!) We did take a break for "Linner" on the way to Boise and on the way back home. To pass the time, I interviewed the kids to see what restaurant they liked best. We used the rating system similar to the reality TV show "Four Weddings". (Yes, it is evident that when we stay in a hotel, cable channel TLC has my teenagers' full attention--scary!!) On the way to Boise, we ate at the Cowpoke Cafe in Lovelock, Nevada. On the way home, we ate at The Griddle in Winnemucca. According to the Fabulous Five, the results are as follows: Cowpoke Cafe: Venue-16pts,  Food-22pts,  Uniforms-16pts,  Overall-20pts. The Griddle: Venue-14pts,  Food-17pts,  Uniforms-16pts and Overall-18pts. The Cowpoke Cafe wins!! So, if you are ever traveling through Lovelock, tell 'em the Fab Five sent ya!

I also asked Scott and the kids what were some of their memories of our Boise Thanksgiving. Before I share Max's memory, let me preface by mentioning Max gets car sick. He attempts to sleep as much as he can- Dramamine induced or by sleep deprivation. On our way home from Boise, Max woke up as we stopped for a break and said: "I had the MOST AWESOME dream about a never ending fig newton!" Hilarious, right?! Sarah's favorite memory is of the guy at the hotel cocktail hour (sprite and root-beer for us) offering his free drink tickets to us. Sarah quoting the guy at the bar: "Hey, the free drinks are on me!" Natalie loved babysitting her second cousin, Grace and free Wi-Fi access at the hotel! Scott glowed with pride when the guy offering us the free drinks told Scott he sensed our children's goodness. Anna's favorite activity was watching Dr. Who on grandma's i- pad and hangin' with April. Sadie loved hanging out in the hot tub and swimming with her cousins. Fab Five consensus: seeing the movie Frozen rocked! One of my favorite activities was listening to my kids. Here are some of the funny things they said: "Stop that or your legs are gonna become pretzels!"  Another good one:  While we were waiting for our food at The Griddle, Sadie was making some strange sounds. I thought she was about to throw up! Annoyed, Sarah asked; "What are  you doing!?" Sadie replied, "I'm pretending to sleep with my eyes open." Oh! my goodness- kids are the best!!

Speaking of the awesomeness of kids...this is a picture of confetti that Natalie made for me. I had out-patient surgery a couple of months ago and when Scott and I returned home at 3:00 AM from the hospital- we were greeted with confetti a la Natalie style!

Continuing the "Awesome kid happenings" theme, Sadie wrote her "Bucket List" a couple of weeks ago:
1. Make a puppet  2. Make some gloves for Emma 3. Make some gloves for me 4. Ride in an airplane 5. Ride in a hot air balloon  6.Go to Hawaii 7. Get a car  8. Get a puppy  9. Make a company 10. Make a robot 11. Have three children 12. Make a friend 13. Tell everything to come true on this list

My Bucket List: see Sadie's.