Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Voice on Same Sex Marriage

You might unfriend me. I hope not. You might disagree. That is fine. If you are willing, you can continue to read on, as I share why I support traditional marriage and can not support same sex marriage.

It has to do with my core beliefs. I believe we are immortal beings. We have always existed. True story. This may sound Doctor Who-ish or Superhero-ish, but it's my belief. I believe our spirits lived with Heavenly parents before we came here to this earth. Our Heavenly Father wants us to return to Him and continue our life with Him. But, to live with Him forever-- we need to be like every. single. way- physically and spiritually. Therefore, like any good father, He created a plan to help us return to Him.

First, our Heavenly Father has a physical body. Yep, He looks like me and you. Of course, His body is immortal and glorified. Our bodies will become immortal too. When our bodies become immortal, we call that resurrection. When we die, our bodies and spirits are separated. Resurrection is when our physical body and spiritual body will be reunited- never to die again. For the object lesson learners: it's like your hand in a glove. Your spirit is your hand, your physical body the glove. When we die our physical body (the glove) goes into the ground. But when we are resurrected, our body and spirit- our glove and hand are reunited- never to be separated again. Resurrection is God's gift to everyone- good and evil. All will be resurrected. So, Boom. We got that going for us.

The second part of the plan is not as easy. We have to become like our Heavenly Father spiritually. Making choices is what creates our character and hopefully, ultimately making choices that help us to become more spiritually like our Heavenly Father. God thought placing us in families would be the best lab for learning how to make good choices and developing those God like characteristics. Yeah- I know what some of you are thinking- "my family is not the lab for learning to become like a heavenly being!" I hear ya- I've always said that I was a nice person before I got married and had kids. But that is exactly a crucial part of God's plan- imperfect families--and learning to love those imperfect people.

Also, to become more like our Heavenly Father, we are tested to see if we will be obedient to His commandments. Some of those commandments include how we treat our brothers and sisters and how we use the powers given to us, including the power a man and woman possess to create life and raise children in families.

Simply put; If we enter into a same sex marriage or support same sex marriage we are not following God's commandments.
"The deviations (from traditional marriage) the adversary proposes include premarital sexual relations, pornography, abuse of spouse and children, elective abortion for personal or social convenience, marital infidelity, unjustified divorce, cohabitation, homosexual relations, and unwarranted sterilization. If he (Satan) cannot convince us to do these things, he tempts us to support and encourage others to do them. But these alternative lifestyles will not bring the true happiness we seek in this life, nor will they bring the full blessings of salvation in the next. Out of loyalty to our Heavenly Father’s plan and out of love for mankind, we must discourage and oppose measures that are not designed to maintain and strengthen marriage between a man and a woman and “the family as the fundamental unit of society.”
Trust God. Even if your (my) understanding is limited and the path is unclear. God has our best interest at heart- this I know.  Our Heavenly Father sees the big picture and His knowledge totally trumps all mortals' understanding--including, The Supreme Court of the United States of America.