Monday, April 7, 2014

NorCal goes SoCal

After a week stay at a cozy Laguna Beach cottage, it was hard to see Monday arrive. This was our last spring break together before Sarah sets off for college in the fall.

Hand over your cronut and nobody gets hurt!

We found a charming beach house on VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) and it was just what we needed! We were able to cook meals, walk to the beach, snuggle in the most comfortable beds on the planet and discover/devour CRONUTS! Yep, that's to the discovery of hydrogenated oil--this is the pastry chef's cash cow! I forced a smile as Jackie at the Donut shop said; "that will be $32".

Curse you, Cronut Man!


 I'm starting to understand why family vacations play such a big role in family unity. This past week was unique for Scott and I to be involved in the majority of our children's day. I know that doesn't sound extraordinary, but when kids go off to school and get involved in a bazillion different activities, it's a rare moment to sit with them...

As I reflect on our vacation, one of my favorite activities was the whale watching expedition. I've seen whales in the wild before...not to undermine the majesty of seeing animals in the wild, but I so loved snuggling with my kids, stroking their wind blown hair and holding their not so little hands.

Laguna beach cottage

Although, not too incredibly notable, we did experience a few mishaps on our hiatus.Scott most likely busted his toe when he dropped a bar stool on it. Sarah, Anna and Max got locked out of their downstairs beach house apartment and had to spend the night upstairs with the younger girls and mom and dad. I had to use "goo-be-gone" to get the mushed sticky figs off the bottom of my feet that I had stepped on at the beach. And Max possibly ate the world's record in stale popcorn at the local Laguna movie theater, which in turn gave him the world's record of stomachaches! We experienced no flat tires, no trips to the ER, no movie-star sightings, no near death experiences at the beach--although Sarah did sacrifice her new hoodie as she dove into the Pacific Ocean to rescue Natalie's new skim board. But-- we did have a family vacation and that was EXTRAORDINARY!!

The Master Bedroom at the cottage

Anna taking on the Pacific Ocean

Natalie and Max discovering the tide pools

Sadie building a fort

Cal-i-for-nia Gurls!

Youngest and oldest

M and M

Sea World and dead flesh eating fish

The skipper brave and sure

Five passengers set sail that day- (OK there's only three pictured)

For a three hour tour, a three hour tour--

The millionaire and his wife

The movie star, the professor and Mary Ann

Here on Gilligan's Island!