Saturday, August 17, 2013

Let's Get It Started

 Seriously, a blog? I feel I'm betraying an oath of womanhood that doesn't own a smart phone, home school or take pictures of beautifully decorated tables with perfectly cooked meals. But I felt the same way about layering shirts. I thought; "how could you wear something that looks like your underwear isn't tucked in?!" Now, I wear them too. They've grown on me, I see their purpose and I lived in Provo, UT, and "when in Rome... ". I no longer live in Provo, but feel the strong desire to blog. In fact, I woke up at 4:00am this morning thinking of all of the "clever" things I could post. But now it's 9:12am and I haven't had much sleep- so, this is what you get.

A Blog needs a catchy title. My daughter Natalie, creates raps. She made up a rap that ended with "home slice". I wasn't exactly sure of the meaning, but it sounded cool. I looked it up this morning.

Natalie- Homeslice!  

Perfect for a blog title and multiple suggested meanings. Home Slice was not an available blog title. I added a couple of "I"s to make it work. I hope it doesn't lend itself to the confusion that already exists among "catchy" blog titles.


This past week, we took our summer "vacation". We loaded up the 151,000+ odometer reading van, rented a Thule for all our gear and went camping at Lake Tahoe.

Coolest kids on earth!

Not as cool as our kids
Scott discovers the night mode on the camera

Yep! Our kids doing the dishes

Nothing beats reading by campfire and headlamps!

The Chef

Nutella and blueberry pancakes-can life get any better?!

Until next time...homesliiice