Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Christmas that Should Have Been

Christmas has been over for a couple of days ...and I've been thinking. Christmas didn't turn out like I imagined. It fact, Christmas never plays out in real life as I envision in my overly optimistic-this-is-where Danny-Kaye-and-Bing-Crosby-come- in-singing mind.

For your entertainment and to my chagrin, I will list how my Christmas should have been: Lights on every eave of the house with a stunning "Festival of Trees" sapling shinning through the front window, well behaved children smiling while they make sugar cookies drizzled with silvery icing, children sitting quietly while a tranquil expression illuminates dads face as he reads from Luke 2, donating thousands of dollars to our favorite charity, perfectly prepared Christmas Eve dinner, followed by a friendly game of "Ticket to Ride."

 Did. Not. Happen.

We haven't had outside Christmas lights since 2005, excluding last year, when Scott threw one strand of "solar" lights on a tree in our front yard. Seriously, we barely get lights on our inside tree. The decorations sat under the Christmas tree until someone finally took pity and finished what I couldn't even start. Instead of homemade cookies, I bought Ghirardelli chocolates from Walmart. Have the children EVER sat quietly? Peaceful is not how I would describe our scripture study and/or daddy-O's face. Our favorite charity this year was Aabco Auto Repair. The van has been in the shop 3 times in the last 3 weeks. In fact, our 1999 Plymouth Voyager--Machine of Wonder is sitting in their parking lot as I type. Christmas Eve dinner was ham and packaged King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. I threw a mandarin orange on everyone's plate to fulfill my due diligence as a nutritiously guilt ridden mother. We haven't played Ticket to Ride since...wait?! Do we even have that game??

What did happen was: handsome faces lit up our door-way singing carols. Our college girl came home. We laughed hard as Sarah and Anna both took a turn at burning out the clutch on our only functioning vehicle. The rain has made the hills a glossy green. I got to dance. Scott continues to work. We made new friends.

Perhaps, singing, laughing, dancing, amidst a bit of work and rain followed by a gathering of friends is what God truly intended for the celebration of the birth of the Savior of the world. And yet, I'm hoping God would approve of the sugar cookies as well! Merry Christmas, my friends.

Nicole, my new friend

Lynn K., Nicole H. and me dancing "Atonement"

"Behold The Gift" cast 2014