Monday, June 30, 2014

Love Story Meets Viva la Vida

Natalie was our VIP this week!

Phew- lots of love and Viva la Vida this past week! Natalie celebrated
her 12th birthday with friends and a trip to Rockin' Jump. The girls jumped until they dropped! We came home for ice-cream and cake and the girls jumped some more! Natalie finished off the evening with a church youth activity. Natalie saved the traditional birthday breakfast with dad for the next day; spreading the sugar and love load across several days.

Matching Rockin' Jump socks

Par-tay Animals!

Breakfast with daddi-o

Returning siblings and our $40 lunch at the San Francisco airport

 We also had the return of our long lost brother and sister, Max and Sarah. They both returned on Friday. Sarah arriving at the Oakland airport and Max flying into SFO! I left at 9AM to pick them up from their separate airports. After a canceled flight, lost luggage, delayed flight, I-580 traffic and an unexpected "tour" of downtown Hayward...we didn't get home until nearly 5PM! But no worries!! We were excited for our trip to San Jose that same evening to attend The Piano Guys concert!

Our VIP access tickets for The Piano Guys! Thank you, Michelle and Jon!!

L to R: Jon Schmidt, SPL, Scott, Steven Sharp-Nelson, Max, Sarah, Anna and Al Van Der Beek

We were super pumped to attend TPG concert because we have a bit of a history with TPG...well, just one piano guy and his wife and his wife's BFF (my seeeester)!

The story goes like this: More than several years ago, Scott, my husband was taking piano lessons from Jon Schmidt. Jon would invite Scott to tag along on some of his gigs--I think with the intention of attempting to find Scott a date. (Scott was 37 and single.)  Michelle, Jon's wife and Shan (my sis) probably had a few conversations about Shan's sister: me, 30 and single. Aha! A light goes off in someones head, Jon, Michelle, or Shannon's I'm not clear; But the result was a call from Jon, asking me, "Hey, I know this guy who is going to be a millionaire--do you want to go out with him?" Duh! Of Course! (For the record, I didn't say "Duh" out-loud and we have yet to see a million bucks!) Our first date was to a Jon Schmidt concert at Abravenel Hall in SLC. Two weeks later, Scott: the single 37 year old asks Susan the 30 year old to marry him. Jon played the piano while Scott got down on his knee and proposed to lil' ol' me at the Roof Restaurant in Downtown Salt Lake City. Jon played at our wedding. We both treasure our most sweet connection to TPG. And now, our kids do too.

Thank you, Piano Guys for being a part of The Story of Our Lives!

NOT! The Piano Guys. Notice Anna's "sign of the horn" is the "I Love You" sign!