Thursday, January 14, 2016

Blog Shmlog

I struggle writing my blog. Most times, before I write, I feel liable to share some incredible insight, an impressive event or the pressure to be more clever than the latest late night talk show host. However, I rarely have an epiphany, an exciting adventure or any clever banter worth mentioning. What I've decided I do have are moments. I want to share some of those moments. And hopefully, approaching my blog won't be so apprehensive for me and for all four of you that follow my blog!

Readers- please know, not all of my moments are lovely. However, to be honest, I'll probably share more handsome moments than the real down and dirty moments we have every day. Because well...this is my blog and I like to read pleasing experiences to give balance to my less than pleasing experiences during the day.

As you know, my oldest daughter is serving a mission for our church in the southern states. She had a filling fall out of her tooth the other day.  A Memphian named Paige (say Paige with the long A- like the southerners. Don't you LOVE it?!) called me and informed me of Sarah's need to see a dentist. After working together, calling insurance and dentist's offices, we got Sarah set up for an appointment. This morning, Paige- St. Paige in my book called me again. She let me know Sarah had the filling fixed and all went well at the dentist. My heart melted. Someone is looking after my kid when I can't. What is more fabulous than that? NOTHING.

Another moment that brought sunshine to this gloomy January day was a birthday lunch for my friend Rene. Rene is easy to love. She is gentle,THE nicest person in the world and is a waiting to be discovered decathlon athlete. Rene stands ready to take on anyone and anything! If there was a time when we had to resort to pulling hand carts, I would want to be on team Rene! I treasure friendships- Rene's and other friends near and far.  A friend may well be the masterpiece of creation. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

My kids are home. And I am sure I'll have more "moments" before the day is through. But for now, I'll keep those moments in my heart.