Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kabul Homeslice

Yesterday, Scott and I took a trip down to the Peninsula for a day trip in honor of our 18th wedding anniversary. I would like to say our trip to Stanford University was purely for academic enlightenment, but in all honesty--I have SO wanted one of those rockin' Stanford hoodies!!

We did attend two lectures while we were there. In turns out, yesterday was homecoming and the lectures were a part of the activities offered for alumni. Our kids think we couldn't have picked anything more boring than attending lectures for an anniversary. But then they saw my hoodie and understood.

The first lecture we attended was presented by Dr. Maya Adam, lecturer in Human Biology. She teaches classes on child nutrition and health. Dr. Adam was brilliant, strikingly beautiful and demonstrated ninja presentation skills. (All the while rockin' stilettos!) After stalking her bio on the web, I discovered she was a professional ballet dancer in Dresden, Germany before receiving her medical degree at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. I have suspicions, she must be a super-hero. After the lecture, I went up to meet Dr. Adam and confessed my two youngest children had eaten corn dogs for breakfast.

Our second lecture was delivered by Dr. Justin Du Bois, associate professor of chemistry. Hmmm...they have some purrty smarty-pants type people up there at that fancy Stanford!! (said like a cast member of the Beverly Hillbillies.) Dr. Du Bois' lab researches methods, development and synthesis for new pain medications. I was hesitant in asking a question because I didn't want to reveal my lack of chemistry/science knowledge. But with Scott beside me, I was confident, if I messed up too horribly,  Scott could jump in and say: "What she is trying to say is..." At the end of the lecture, Scott wanted to go up and ask Dr. Du Bois a couple more questions. I told Scott, "Hey, maybe I can answer your questions." He tried not to smile.

After devouring dinner and a massive piece of chocolate cake at the University Cafe, we attended a film that was a part of the United Nations Association Film Festival. We Came Home was a film narrated by musician, activist, Ariana Delawari. Ariana shares her vision of peace through music for her father's homeland- Afghanistan. I loved this film. Not so much for the artistry of the film, but for the beautiful story of family; an American mother, Afghan father and their daughters all pursuing their dreams with the love and support of each other. If I were the producer, I would have titled the film: Kabul Homeslice! Of course.

Our first date was was July 28, 1995. Scott proposed two weeks later. Before we took our official engagement photos, we wanted to document Scott's full-on facial hair. I had to include this photo because don't you think we both look a bit-