Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Break Twenty-Sixteen

Laundry from the dryer is on top of the dinning room table. Left-over dinner dishes are in the sink and on the counter. Three of the kids are surrounding "my" electronic tablet watching You-Tube. It's 10:21am and we are all still in our pajamas. Spring break, day three.

Yeah- we know how to rock Spring Break! From my last post, I'm sure the reader has determined the Lloyd family would not be making it to Hawaii this spring break. Truth be told, kids don't need much to be entertained. (Me, of course, wouldn't mind a little Hawaiian va-ca!) At any rate, I believe we are all enjoying the slower, non-committal pace of our twenty-sixteen spring break.

This year, spring break started off legit, with a week-end of viewing General Conference from our church leaders. Every six months, our prophet, apostles and general leaders of our church share the word of the Lord meant just for our day. Through General Conference our faith grows and our belief in the Lord and His goodness is strengthened. The beautiful thing about conference is although the majority of the speakers are using eloquent language even the young can understand a message meant specifically for them through the whisperings of the Holy Ghost. This year, General Conference was translated simultaneously into ninety-two languages.

On Monday, we went to Santa Cruz and spent the entire day on the boardwalk. Making sure the kids were in pairs with a cell phone, I managed to escape the smell of deep-fried Oreos  and walked along the coast line. I envied the agility of the enthusiastic surfers.

Not me

Of course, our Sarah was not with us. She is continuing her service in the Little Rock, AR mission. However, with Sarah in our hearts and garlic fries in our stomachs, we ate funnel cakes, crab cakes, 1/3 pound hamburgers, and walked the length of the pier down to the Dolphin Cafe in her honor.

Sadie, Natalie and a $160 Pickachu

Dreams came true on Monday, as each kid won an equivalent of a $1.50 stuffed Pikachu for a mere $15.00. Ahhh- to be a Carni.

We are still recovering from the sugar and sun overload. But spring break or not, we'll have to shower and eat something not dripping in frying oil at some point...maybe.

Anna, Max and Waddles

My friend, Egret

Me in my bikini

Happy Spring Breaking.

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