Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sup!? Summer Road Trip, That's What!

This pic describes it all...torture with a smile! Last week we took a huge risk and put our 193,000+ mile Plymouth Voyager (machine of wonder!) on several highways and sputtered along to grandma Lloyd's house in Boise, ID and then continued along on I-84 to grandpa Doug's cabin in Garden City, UT.

While in Boise, we had a lovely visit with grandma Lloyd and prayed over our mini-van in the VICU (van intensive care unit). Hey, don't judge. We made it 700 miles with only one need for a van repair. Believe me, we were counting this as a good omen! Of course, we told the mechanics not to look too close and not to wiggle anything that looked loose or unstable! As we left our van in the good hands of competent mechanics we savored the summer joys of: Pokemon hunting, school clothes shopping, movie watching, book reading and grandma Lloyd's cooking!

 We found Pokemon lurking around the Idaho Boise Mission offices.

We left our two day spa stay at grandma Lloyd's and traveled to...yes, the Middle of NOWHERE!

You guessed it, that is an alpaca- right in the middle of nowhere! Where else would you expect to see an alpaca, Interstate highway 84, that's where!

 This road trip was WILD! We saw sheep and pigmy donkeys too!

Anna- the animal whisperer


A petting zoo and a rest stop? Let me tell ya- this was no rest stop! There were NO restrooms and not even a garbage. It was literally a petting zoo off of Interstate Highway 84! This is what all epic road trips should include in their itinerary!

This was the most BEAUTIFUL thing I had seen since the cronut in Laguna beach-- THE scone from Angie's Restaurant in Logan, UT.

 A road trip would not be complete without taking in the clothing choice of the locals!

 Our road trip wouldn't have been complete without the Fireball of the Party- aunt Shannon! We were all thrilled that Shan and Weston were willing to drive up I-15 to join
 our adventures at Bear Lake with grandpa Doug. We explored the Minnetonka caves, invaded Raspberry Days Rodeo, ate raspberry everything and aunt Shanny used her "Appolo 13" ninja skills to blow up the ginormous inner-tube so the kids could create memories of dodging the Bear Lake monster as they rode in the wake of grandpa Doug's boat.

Want to feel like an American?! Head on down to your local rodeo. God Bless America and those Cowboys and Cowgirls! YEHAWWWWW!

My fears of the Bear Lake monster were put to rest when I captured a glimpse of these three cowboys ready to take on any mishaps during Raspberry Days.

We got off the lake and went straight back to grandpa's cabin to pack up- and who do we see? Josh, Ashley, two handsome boys and spot makes three!

We returned to Boise and before we left on Monday morning, Alan Bingham aka- nicest guy on earth, invited the kids to come and ride his horses, Trio and Sunday Girl.

As we drove away from Boise after a week of close quarters, sleepless nights and tried patience, I thought of the words of a wise leader, I heard speak twenty three years ago when I was a missionary for our church: "You will have more sorrows than joys but your joys will out weigh your sorrows." 
Word. Road trip-20-16.


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